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Hit the throttle and launch into your next ATV, UTV, or Snowmobile trail-riding adventure with Trailz App. Its perfect blend of detailed trail maps, community connections, and in-ride navigation make it the ultimate trail riding companion. Download app for trail riding today!

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Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to adventure! With Trailz App, you gain instant, easy-to-use access to a comprehensive collection of ATV trail maps, UTV paths, and snowmobile routes. Our app for trail riding, Navigate effortlessly and discover off-road trails and snowmobile paths that will set your pulse racing.

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Finding the start of your journey is just as exciting as the ride itself. Our ATV, UTV, and Snowmobile navigation app for trail riding guides you to the trailhead and along your chosen route, ensuring you stay on track and enjoy every twist and turn without the fear of getting lost.


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Explore New Trails Fearlessly: Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie, exploring unknown trails has never been easier. Our app for trail riding gives you detailed maps and intuitive interface equip you with all the information you need to tackle new adventures head-on.

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Best Trail riding app

Trailz App is designed for Adventure Seekers: Our app for trail riding is more than the best ATV, UTV, and Snowmobile trail app – it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s the thrill of ATV trails, the rugged charm of UTV trails, or the serene beauty of snowmobile trails, weve got you covered.


App Features

Trail Navigation

Navigate trails effortlessly with Trail Navigation. Enjoy turn-by-turn directions and real-time updates for a seamless trailing experience.

Trail History

Revisit and relive your trailing journey with Trail History. Explore past rides, completed or cancelled, at your fingertips.


Discover exciting alternate routes and explore new paths with our Detouring feature. Enjoy a fresh perspective on your rides and uncover hidden gems along the way.

Nearby Places

Find nearby stores and restaurants for convenient pit stops with Nearby Places. Enhance your trailing
experience with easy access to
amenities along your route.

Group Trailing

Connect with fellow riders, join local clubs, organize group rides, and share your experiences. Its all about bringing together people who share a passion for off-road adventures.

Trail Rating

Share your trail experiences with Trail Rating. Rate and review routes to help fellow adventures choose the best

Riding In Wisconsin?

Rent an ATV for your Best Adventure

If you don’t own an ATV, but want to enjoy the trails, we can help. With our partners, we have units available to rent in Hatfield, WI, Black River Falls, WI, and Warrens, WI.

In Hatfield, your rental can be picked up at PEAK Performance & Power Sports 

Bookings are handled by our partners at BearBogging Adventure Tours.

Click the image below to learn more about all the Bear Bogging locations.

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First Snowfall - Wisconsin - Jan 2024

Northern Wisconsin - Feb 2023

Hatfield, Wisconsin - July 2023

Hatfield, Wisconsin - Feb 2022

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin - Feb 2022

Northern Wisconsin - April 2023

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If you’re an ATV/UTV, or snowmobile enthusiast looking to explore new trails and have a fun-filled adventure, using is a great tool and app for trail riding to enhance the ride, the experience, and the awesome memories!

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