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When you’re making big decisions in life, it’s smart to know all your choices, and that includes picking a new off-road toy. You might be wondering about the differences between ATVs and UTVs. Both have their perks, but there are some differences that could help you decide which one is right for you, and we at Trailz App discuss them in this blog.

Atv vehicles in muddy water at the quad (buggy) competition

What is the Main Difference Between an ATV and a UTV?

Both UTVs and ATVs have four wheels and are built for off-road adventures, whether you need them for work or play. The main difference lies in how you ride them and control them. With an ATV, you sit on it and steer using a handlebar, sort of like a bike. On the other hand, a UTV has seats for both the driver and the passenger, and you steer it just like a car with a steering wheel and foot pedals.

ATV Features

When you ride an ATV, you’re not strapped in like a roller coaster. Instead, you move around quite a bit on it. You use your body to help balance the ATV. For example, when you make a sharp left turn, you lean your body to the left side of the ATV to make sure the inside wheels stay on the ground. ATVs are usually lighter than UTVs, so how you move and shift your weight is important for how the ATV handles.

UTV Features

UTVs come with extra safety features. They have something called a rolloverprotective structure (ROPS) to keep you safe if the vehicle tips over. Plus, you and your passengers wear seat belts just like in a car. Some UTVs even have doors, roofs, and windshields for added protection.

If you’re into competitive UTV racing or rock crawling, you might find special seats with a snug fit to keep you and your passenger secure during intense driving.

What to Know About ATVs

A utility ATV is like a trusty companion for outdoor adventures like fishing, hunting, or camping. While both ATVs and UTVs are great at handling rough 4×4 trails, ATVs have an edge when it comes to squeezing through narrower paths and reaching remote spots.

However, their smaller size also means they can’t carry as much as a UTV. They have front and rear racks to carry lighter items but don’t expect them to haul heavy material like gravel or dirt very easily.

What to Know About UTVs

Modern UTVs are great because of their versatility. Many of them come with a cargo box at the back, and some even have a special bed that can tip up using hydraulics. Some UTVs can even change their bed into extra seats if you need them.

People love UTVs because they’re excellent at hauling material, and some can even turn into snowplows with the right equipment. They are bigger which means they’re not as agile on certain trails.

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