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Our Mission:

Provide the perfect blend of detailed trail maps, community connections, and in-ride navigation make it the ultimate trail riding companion.

Make your ride easier

Welcome to Trailz App – the ultimate companion for ATV, UTV, and snowmobile trail riding!


Designed for off-road adventure seekers, our app helps you navigate the vast and expansive networks of ATV, UTV, and snowmobile trails.


Theres a reason we’re the best and only trail riding app youll ever need. Download for free now and enjoy the features benefits:

Ride on with  Trailz!

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How to use Trailz app

Download Trailz app

Go to your favorite app store and download 

Basic Features

 Select the hamburger menu in the upper left to view your subscription and other details like nearby places. Navigate by pinching the screen to display more map, and drag to any area you want to explore. Recenter the map by selecting the white target icon in the lower right of the screen.

Landing Screen

Once logged in you will see your current location (approve location sharing) with a purple circle. From here you can select ATV or SNOW or OTHER to see the various trails.

Maps View

Select the orange arrow circle icon see nearby trails in your immediate area, or navigate the map to the area where you want to view trail details. 

Terrain View

To view a more detailed look at the terrain of the map, select the layers squares icon in the upper right, or change back if you prefer. 

Trail View

To get individual trails specifics simply select and individual trail and the app will isolate that trail.

Note: Upgrading to Premium will give you directions to the trail head

Premium Features

Upgrade your subscription to Premium to enhance your Trails App experience. 

Premium Plan

Upgrading to Premium extras like Trails Navigation, Trail History, Location Sharing, Map Markers, and the ability to Create Group Rides and even creating your own Riding Club!

Custom Map Markers

Place a custom marker for a cool rest spot, or a treacherous ride area, or anything special to you on your map by clicking on the tear drop with the circle icon.

Create A Riding Club

Create your own private, or community Group that you can share with Trailz subscribers  to join and share your experiences.

Trails History

Keep you trails riding history handy to relive the adventure, or share you journey with other riders. 

Ride the Trails

with Confidence

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