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As the early spring sun starts warming up the Midwest, the thrill of ATV and UTV riding just asks us to explore the landscapes of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. These regions, known for their extensive trail networks, offer some of the best riding experiences in the country. From crystal-clear lakes and historic bridges to breathtaking waterfalls, here are some of the trails to check out from the best UTV trails app.

Top ATV-UTV Trails in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Premier Trails

In Wisconsin, the allure of the trails is magnified by their scenic views and historic sites. A standout is the Black River State Forest ATV trail. It guides riders alongside Wazee Lake, the deepest in Wisconsin and a popular scuba diving destination known for its crystal-clear waters. This trail is perfect for a leisurely stop to enjoy lunch by the water and soak in the serene views.

Another great trail in Wisconsin is the Burnett County ATV Trail System. This system includes a ride across the St. Croix Trestle Bridge on the Gandy Dancer Trail, providing a peek into the area’s past. Additionally, the Pine Barrens Scenic Overlook at the Namekagon Barrens State Wildlife Area offers stunning forest views that are a must-see for nature lovers.

Minnesota’s Scenic Rides

Minnesota’s trails have a unique charm with routes that cater to both serene nature experiences and adventurous rides. The North Shore State Trail, for instance, runs along Lake Superior’s shoreline offering dramatic views and a fresh, breezy riding experience. The trail’s proximity to the lake allows riders to feel the mist on their faces as they zoom by.

Another favorite, the Iron Range OHV State Recreation Area, is a more rugged terrain with over 36 miles of trails through northeastern Minnesota’s forests. This area is perfect for riders who enjoy technical challenges and are looking for a day filled with vigorous activity.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Adventures

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is renowned for its wild and untamed beauty, making it a top destination for ATV and UTV enthusiasts. The Bill Nicholls Trail, spanning several counties, takes riders through dense forests, over old railroad bridges, and even past old mining sites, offering a historical context to the ride.

The Drummond Island Trail system also gives you multiple terrain options from rocky shores to wooded forests, ideal for those looking for variety and natural beauty in their riding experience.

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