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Each day spent on the trail becomes fantastic when you don snowmobile trail riding attire that guarantees warmth, safety, and comfort. If you’re wondering about the attire necessary for your upcoming adventure, we’re here to provide insights into the top snowmobile clothing for all your on-trail escapades.

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Tips on What to Wear for Snowmobile Trail Riding

Helmets Are Crucial

Every riding ensemble begins with a high-quality helmet. You have three options to consider, each offering unique advantages. To start, modular helmets strike a balance between affordability and reliability. They feature an integrated mask system and the option to add an electric visor, allowing you to ride all day without removing your headgear.

Next up are full-face helmets, providing 360-degree protection. This model boasts special features like built-in heating for comfort during long, chilly rides.

Lastly, cross-style helmets are tailored for active trail riders, offering greater maneuverability and improved airflow. If this style suits you, consider using a windproof balaclava to cover your nose and direct your breath downward to prevent visor fogging. We also recommend goggles with XL foam to protect exposed skin from the cold.

Boots and Gloves for Warmth

It’s evident that you’ll need warm, comfortable, and long-lasting boots with robust ankle support – nobody enjoys enduring wet socks or painful ankles during an all-day ride.

When it comes to gloves, the key is finding the right fit. If you’re planning a short, chilly ride, opt for gloves with ample insulation. For active riders who anticipate sweating, choose gloves with light insulation for a firm grip on the handlebars, providing a closer connection.

Comfortable and Protective Jacket and Pants

If you prefer leisurely rides with friends or a partner and tend to get cold quickly, staying warm is essential. Opt for heavily insulated jackets and pants with excellent wind protection. Consider options like our most insulated choice, designed with removable layers for adaptability.

For active enduro-style riders, start with a comfortably warm jacket that allows breathability when you work up a sweat. Several jackets on the market offer windproof and waterproof shells with lighter insulation.

Avoid cotton for layers as it retains moisture; instead, opt for insulated layers for relaxed rides or Merino for more active ones, ensuring a more enjoyable riding experience.

Safety Gear

Before your mountain ride, always ensure you have your beacon on and carry your shovel and probe in your backpack. While there are numerous safety gear choices available, it’s crucial to be proficient in their use.

It’s advisable to test the fit of your backpack by trying it on before making a purchase, ensuring that the straps or harness provide a comfortable feel. Prior to heading out to the slopes, take a moment to assess the snow conditions and identify a secure riding location.

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